Changes in connections of Diesel Generator at HPT, Faqeerabad.

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    Ch. Zeshan Yousaf

    On 27-10-2015, 750 kV Diesel Electrical Generator was tested on load after some modifications in the connections of said Generator to the Transmitter.

    The said Generator was installed at the premises of HPT Faqeerabad in 2014 as a backup power supply source for the newly installed 500 kW Medium Wave Transmitter. Unfortunately the generator was not kept in circuit due to some connection problems as the Power Supply to the Isolation Transformer of Transmitter was Delta Configured (3 wires system) while the output of Generator, which was also connected at the input of Isolation Transformer, was Star or Wye (4 wires system). Due to that the transmitter tripped off immediately when shifted on Generator supply.

    Manufacturer’s technical team tried their best in order to solve the problem and after detailed discussion with the Project Team deputed by the PBC, Headquarters along with Engineers of HPT, Faqeerabad, they decided to connect the Generator after bypassing the Isolation Transformer (directly to the input of AVR) as the output of the Isolation Transformer was also Star or Wye configured.

    The Generator was then tested on load and found every thing was normal. Since then the said generator is in normal working mode as and when required.

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