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    A CUTBACK alarm indicates that several shutback alarms have occurred.
    A CUTBACK alarm may be triggered by a fault in the
    transmitter, large VSWR, or a fault in the alarm
    circuitry of the system controller PWB. Trouble
    shoot a CUTBACK alarm as follows:
    (a)Read the output power level on the RF
    KILOWATTSmeter on the transmitter’s control
    panel. If the output power is not less than the
    preset operating level, the CUTBACK alarm may
    be false. Suspect the alarm circuitry on the
    system controller PWB (see figures SD-8 thru

    (b)Press and release the ∧ POWER switch on front
    panel to restore the preset power level. If the
    fault persists, the output power will
    automatically cutback again. Observe the front
    panel and note which alarm is forcing shutback.
    Refer to the appropriate trouble shooting
    paragraph in this section.
    (c)If the output power does not cutback, the fault
    no longer exists. Press ALARM RECALL. The
    fault that caused cutback will turn red. Refer to
    the appropriate paragraph in this section for
    trouble shooting information, if necessary.

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