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    Asad Javed

    350 KVA Generator’s Battery self charging system was not working.

    Fault Rectification Process:

    The fault was rectified with the help of a Generator maintenance expert as the control wires of charging unit was found unconnected at controller box of generator.
    As the control wires was essential for sending a start pulse to charging unit and without start Charging pulse batteries don’t get charging from the Generator.

    Root Cause:
    The root cause was detected as human error during last maintenance activity performed on generator maintenance and during maintenace the connection of charging control pulse wires was could not be restored by mistake and till the batteries were new they keep start the generator upto approximately 1 year and after that period batteries got depleted with out charging and now they were required to be charged after each start of Generator.

    Results after Maintenance:
    Now the batteries are charging automatically through the Generators self charging system and during last three weeks did not failed to start due to battery charging problem.

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