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    A POWER MODULES alarm indicates that at least one of
    the power modules is registering an alarm.
    (a)Open the front doors on the primary and
    secondary power cabinets to see if any power
    modules are showing alarms.
    (b)If no power modules are showing alarms, press
    SYSTEM RESET on the control panel to try to
    clear the alarm. If the alarm persists, there may
    be a problem in the alarm circuit on the system
    controller PWB (see figures SD-8 thru SD-11)
    or a problem with the alarm circuits in a power
    module (see RF power module manual). If the
    alarm extinguishes, it may have been false.
    (c)If one or more power modules are showing an
    alarm, refer to the power module manual for
    trouble shooting information.

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