Procedure for Software Up gradation in Nautel NX-100 Transmitter:

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    Ch. Zeshan Yousaf

    Upgrading software

    Periodically, enhancements or improvements to the operating system are identified and made available. Perform a software upgrade as follows:

    Parts and tools

    • Laptop (i.e., local computer for direct connection) or network computer with Windows and Internet Explorer Web browser

    • CAT5 Ethernet cable

    • Upgrade software (*.tgz file), provided via email, web download or flash card

    Preliminary Checks

    1. Determine the current software revision installed. Via the advanced user interface (AUI) screen, go to Menu/System Settings/Upgrade Software. Select the *.tgz file in the Select Upgrade File list (should highlight in blue) and click Details. Note the current software revision for Audio Player, AUI, Controller, Exciter, Rack and Cube.

    2. Contact Nautel for the most recent software revision and download *.tgz file to a laptop or network location or visit (For NX series Transmitters)

    Transferring Upgrade File

    The following steps assume either the laptop will be used to connect directly to the transmitter OR the transmitter and network computer are currently connected to the same network.

    Transmitter IP Configuration

    1. From the transmitter AUI, go to Menu -> User Settings -> Network Setup.

    2. Record your current network settings (IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway).

    3. If connecting to the transmitter directly with a laptop, you must set a static IP address. This can only be done via the AUI. In the Network Setup page, set as follows:
    – Press the Static IP radio button to disable DHCP
    – IP Address:
    – Netmask:

    4. Set the transmitter for Remote control.

    Laptop IP Setup

    The following steps assume the operating system is Windows XP. Adapt as required for computers with different operating systems.

    1. On the laptop go to Start Menu/Control Panel/Network Connections/Local Area Network.

    2. In the Local Area Network Status, open the General tab and choose Properties. Scroll down and highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Choose Properties.

    3. In the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties window, select Use the following IP address.

    4. Enter the following settings:
    – IP Address:
    – Subnet Mask:
    – Default Gateway:

    5. In the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties window, select OK.

    6. In the Local Area Connection Properties window, select OK.

    7. In the Local Area Connection Status window, select Close.

    8. Close the Network Connections window.

    Transfer Software Upgrade File to Transmitter

    1. If using a laptop, connect the laptop network interface card to J1 of the SBC’s motherboard on the back of the control cabinet’s front door using a CAT5 Ethernet cable. Open Internet Explorer and search for The transmitter login screen should appear.

    2. If using a network computer, open Internet Explorer and search for the IP address recorded in Step2 of “Transmitter IP Configuration”. The transmitter login screen should appear.

    3. At the transmitter login screen enter:
    – User: “Nautel” or “****”, where **** is the user assigned user name
    – Password: leave blank (default) or “****”, where **** is the user assigned password

    4. Navigate through the AUI to Menu -> System Settings -> Upgrade Software, select the Manage Files button and press Browse. Locate the software update *.tgz file stored on the laptop or network computer, and press Upload to load the file into the transmitter upload file list. Allow this operation to complete.

    Installing New Software

    1. Set the transmitter to RF Off and for Remote control. If the transmitter is already in Remote control mode, turn off the transmitter using the AUI on the laptop. Perform the following steps remotely using the AUI on the laptop.

    2. Go to the AUI Menu -> System Settings -> Upgrade Software screen and select the update *.tgz file from the Select Upgrade File list (should highlight in blue) and press Start Upgrade.

    CAUTION! Do not leave this page until the flash process is complete.

    3. After a successful load (status is 100% complete and a message indicates a successful load), cycle the ac power (turn off, then on) on the NX100 Transmitter.

    4. This completes the software upgrade. Restore the former network settings on the transmitter and laptop as required (see Step2 of “Transmitter IP Configuration” stated above).

    5. Login and repeat Step1 of “Preliminary Checks” stated above to determine if the current version is the same as the upgrade version – this confirms the upgrade was successful.

    6. If the upgrade was not successful, repeat Step1 through Step5. If still unsuccessful, contact Nautel.


    Thanks & Regards:

    Ch. Zeshan Yousaf,

    E.M, HPT, Multan

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