Water leakage at Generator 315KVA

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    Asad Javed

    Problem Statement:

    1.       Water leakage observed on radiator side of Engine

    2.       Fan belt found twisted

    Administrative actions:

    The matter got into notice of DE, Controller (M & O) for approval of maintenance activity.

    Corrective Action:

    1.       The water body dismantled the seal , the impeller water pump (Material of Resinoid made by Cummins USA) along with bearing found broken.

    2.       The above mentioned parts replaced and some machining work being executed for local market.

    3.       Body reassembled after replacing the gas kits.

    4.       All belts of water body and radiator fan replaced.

    Results after Maintenance:

    The Generator Tested on load Approximately 30 min. There was no leakage found. All other parameters were also found satisfactory.


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